August 6, 2012 9:49 AM EST
cacluvsjesus Junior Plunger cacluvsjesus

I purchased one of these and it is awesome! I should have purchased two more. If they come up again, I highly recommend them. They are a great way to store you CD's and DVD's. The only drawback I found was in the template on the Discgear website - I forgot that one of my DVD movies had more than one DVD and I thought I could simply add the additional DVDs and the template would re-number the rest of the DVDs that followed. Unfortunately it's not this simple. You have to re-enter all the DVDs that follow the DVDs that you add. Other than this inconvenience, it's still a great way to store your DVDs & CDs and get rid of all the cases that take up so much space.

Intelligent as you are, you’ve probably already figured out that you could use Discgear 100 Stackable Media Storage to store your favorite boyband CD and 99 and of its closest 90’s-approved friends (we won’t tell that you still flip through the accompanying booklets, though they’d fit perfectly in the Discgear’s included index album). 

But in case you are trying to make the move to an all-digital music library, we have a few suggestions of alternative uses for these convenient disc cases.

1 – Time Capsule of Original Films
With few truly original movies, Hollywood currently seems populated by re-makes, updates, prequels and sequels.  Decades from now when absolutely nothing is new, someone should know what a classic film looked like.  Besides, you know you still watch those DVDs over and over anyways – the Discgear 100 will give you a convenient way to store them and find the one you want.

2 – Software Backup Center
Computers continue to get faster and more powerful, but that really only adds to the frustration when they stop working.  Nobody wants to see his or her computer crash, but if it does, you’ll feel much more secure knowing that all your key software CDs are safely stored – and easy to find, thanks to the Discgear 100’s slide-out index.

3 – Video Game Organization
It might sound cool to have your thousand-title video game collection stacked up in random piles all around your living room, but it’s not very practical when you need to prove your Rock Band skills on the spot.  With the Discgear 100’s 5-second disc retrieval, you can be playing that game almost immediately.

Whether your personal disc collection is music, games, software, movies, photos, or even data you can keep them all organized – and easy to access – with the Discgear 100 Disc Stackable Media Storage with Index Album.


  • Holds up to 100 discs
  • Great for CDs, DVDs, video games and more
  • Features 5-second disc retrieval
  • Patented disc protection and scratch prevention
  • Built-in disc index slides and hides
  • Includes index book for title sheets
  • Stackable design
  • Color:  Black, Silver, or Red 
  • Dimensions:  13" x 6" x 5.5" (L x D x H)
  • Capacity:  Holds up to 100 discs
Packaging:  Box
Condition:  New
Manufacturer: Discgear
Model: Selector 100e