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  • The Hobbit
  • Onward to Venus
  • Little Prince: Make Me a Planet
  • Histrio
  • Spot it! Fire & Ice
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The Hobbit

Created by the renowned game designer Reiner Knizia Art by renowned Tolkien artist John Howe. An entirely new board game, not to be confused with the 2001 release of the same title. Play as Bilbo's Dwarf companions, guiding the hobbit on his perilous journey to claim Smaug's treasure. Strategic bidding and intuitive dice-rolling mechanics make this game great for both family and friends.

Onward to Venus

Onward to Venus is set in the retro sci-fi world where planets and moons are waiting to be settled and exploited, however the local inhabitants might kick up a fuss. Luckily for the Earthling civilizers there is a range of highly useful ray-guns, to convince the natives to behave themselves. Players take on the role of one of the major Earth-based empires with the intent to gain influence over the planets/moons by building factories and digging mines over three periods. At the start of each period a number of tiles are drawn randomly and placed on the various planets and moons. Players perform actions in turn and continue to do so until all of the cubes from the Pass card have been claimed. At the game end, players will have scored points depending on how much influence they have on each planet/moon. CONTENTS - Rule book; player aid card, 12 counter sheets; 132 cards; 3 customized dice; 8 wooden components; cloth bag.

Little Prince: Make Me a Planet

The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet is a charming game of planet-building and collecting symbols. Each player will use their tiles to progressively construct a planet, covered in volcanoes, baobab trees, lampposts, animals, roses, and sunsets. The four characters each player collects throughout the game will determine how many points their planet and the stars surrounding it are worth at the end of the game. Make the most perfect planet to win the game!

  • An enchanting game of planet-building
  • Player-controlled turn order adds strategic decision-making
  • Choice of characters creates different game experiences
  • Playful illustrations emphasize whimsical ambiance


The acclaimed Munificent Theatrical Festival is just around the corner, and while the King's mood is not yet settled, the show must go on! Histrio is an ever-changing game of card-collecting and resource management that pits players against each other to put on the best performance. Compete with the other troupes to recruit actors from around the kingdom and decide how your finest performers can serve you best. Once the actors have been recruited, the festival will begin and the player who best satisfies the king's fickle desires will emerge victorious.

Spot it! Fire & Ice

Spot it! Fire & Ice AGES 8 AND UP 2-8 PLAYERS America's hottest party game now has a super cool new way to play! Spot it! Fire & Ice heats up the action as you race against other players AND THE CLOCK. Spot matches between temperature-charged symbols with three pulse-pounding new games featuring the brand new Spot it! timer. The card combination will trick your eyes and test your reflexes, but as always there is only one matching symbol between any two cards. Spot it before time is up! The timer opens up to hold the cards for easy travel. So you can freeze or burn the competition wherever you go! Contents: 55 cards Timer/Card Case Illustrated Rules.

Packaging: Retail
Manufacturer: Asmodee
Model Number: LTR14 (The Hobbit) ; OTV01 (Onward to Venus)
                            LTP01 (Little Prince) ; HIST01 (Histrio) ; SP734 (Spot it!)


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