Sandalwood 150W Dual Mode LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

Triggers plant growth through advanced lighting technology!

Retail Price: $159.99 | Plunge Points: 50 | Condition: New



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For the nature-lover and loving cultivator within you, there is Sandalwood. This simple but powerful device is perfect for all your indoor gardening and horticultural needs. Whether you cultivate household plants as a hobby or as part of a home grown business, this versatile, cost-effective LED lamp is the perfect method for stimulating optimal growth without access to natural sunlight. Convenient "Grow" and "Bloom" modes provide ideal spectral exposure, and has been optimized to produce the most efficient wavelengths of light to produce peak photosynthesis performance in your garden plants and vegetables, accommodating indoor plants at every life cycle stage.

  • Powerful 150-Watt, Array Delivers Diverse Spectral Output with Ideal Luminosity for Photosynthetic Response
  • Dedicated Grow & Bloom Switches Activate Light at Different Wavelengths to Support all Stages of the Plant Life Cycle
  • Unique Rectangular Design (303 x 198 x 68mm) Ensures Full Plant Coverage with Lens Range of 60-120 Degrees
  • Premium Craftsmanship & Advanced Light Technology Provide High Durability & Yield at a Remarkably Low Power Consumption

  • Sandalwood 150W Dual Mode LED Grow Light
  • Power Cord
  • Hanging Kit
  • User Manual

  • Lamp Power: 150w (50 x 3w)
  • Input Voltage: AC 110~240V
  • Lighting Area:2.66 m2 - 13.6 m2

Manufacturer: Sandalwood
Model Number: 4950


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