Roots Men's and Women's Watches

Choose from 7 different watches!

Retail Price: $55.00 | Plunge Points: 35 | Condition: New




  • Tusk Sport Watch
  • Cove Digital Watch
  • Saturna Sport Watch
  • Cayley Digital Watch


  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Aqua
  • Yellow
  • Pink


  • Men's
  • Women's
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Roots Brand Story Established in 1973, Roots is Canada's leading lifestyle brand known around the world for its quality leather goods, active athletic wear, yoga wear, accessories and home furnishings. Starting with a tiny store in Toronto, Roots now has more than 120 retail locations in Canada and the United States, and more than 40 in Asia. In addition, Roots has a state-of-the-art leather goods factory and design centre in Toronto. Under the leadership of Co-Founders Michael Budman and Don Green, the Roots style and values are based on quality, integrity and longevity. Roots embodies a distinctive look synonymous with a casual, athletic, hip and outdoor lifestyle. Appealing to all ages, the broad array of Roots-branded merchandise is known for great design, quality materials, superior comfort and durability. Over the years, many of the Roots styles and products have changed, but some things have not. These include the core principles that have governed Roots since its inception. They are based on a strong commitment to health, wellness and protecting the environment. They are based on respect and appreciation of people -- those we work with and those who shop in our stores. They are based on supporting the communities where we do business. These values are as valid today as they were back in 1973. Perhaps now more than ever.

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Roots
Model Number: 1R-AT500BU1U (Tusk Blue), 1R-AT500GY1G (Tusk Gray), 1R-AT404AQ1A (Cove Blue), 1R-AT425OR1O (Saturna Orange), 1R-AT405PI1P (Cayley Pink), 1R-AT405YE1Y (Cayley Yellow), 1R-AT405AQ1A (Cayley Aqua)


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