RCA Symphonix Personal Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid

Helps distinguish speech sounds from background noises, so you can hear clearly!

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SYMPHONIX Hearing Amplifier with Batteries for Adults, Seniors and Children - RCA Digital Personal Sound Amplifier, Hearing Device and Aid for Listening, with All Accessories for One Ear

The RPSA05A personal amplifier uses advanced high definition, digital technology to distinguish speech sounds from background noises- so you can hear clearly. It is very discreet, incredibly easy to use and fits comfortably behind either ear. And its standard A312 battery is easy to install and replace, providing a full 7 days of use.

  • Affordable Quality - Doctor and Audiologist designed with high-definition digital sound processing, the Digital Hearing Amplifier by RCA Symphonix provides speech frequency amplification and active layered noise reduction, without the cost of traditional hearing aids.
  • Clear Speech - Hear what's most important to you. RCA Symphonix digital hearing amplifiers can actually distinguish between speech and background noise; letting you enjoy crystal clear conversations.
  • 3 Volume Settings - RCA's Symphonix helps people with hearing loss in a range of environment: office work settings, large crowded events, noisy restaurants, or while watching TV. Simply adjust the volume with the press of a button and you're ready to listen away.
  • Small and Discreet - A sleek design doesn't let your Digital Hearing Amplifier get in the way of your glasses while being discreetly tucked away from view behind your ear.

  • 1 RCA Symphonix Digital Hearing Amplifier earpiece
  • Medium (left and right) ear tubes
  • 1 wide ear tube
  • Medium and small domes
  • 7 standard A312 batteries (provides a full 7 weeks of use)
  • Convenient carrying/storage case

Main Benifits
  • Advanced digital technology
  • Ultra-light and discreet, won't interfere with eyewear
  • High-definition digital sound processing
  • 3 preset program settings with noise reduction and feedback cancellation
  • Acoustic feedback cancellation
  • Adaptive, layered noise reduction to reduce background noise
  • Provides speech frequency amplification and active layered noise reduction
  • Uses widely available, user-replaceable A312 battery - included
  • Thin profile, wont interfere with eyewear
  • Can be used in left or right ear
  • Includes medium and small domes plus storage case

Preset Volume and Noise-Reduction Settings:
  • Quiet Settings - little to no ambient noise
  • Normal Settings - day to day conversations, telephone conversations
  • Noisy environments - restaurants, stores (this is the loudest setting)

  • Batteries: Single A312
  • Amplification: ~1000Hz to ~4000Hz
  • Volume Settings: 3 Volume Levels
  • Package Dimensions: 8.5" x 4.5" x 1.6" (L x W x D, Approx.)
  • Weight: .4lb

Condition: New
Manufacturer: RCA
Model Number: RPSA05A


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