Sharper Image Metal Detectors

Grab a metal detector and search for hidden treasures!

Retail Price: $268.24 | Plunge Points: 80 | Condition: New



  • Feather 22
  • Express 11
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These Sharper Image Metal Detectors are great for any hobby enthusiast who hunts for treasures. Quick and easy to use, and ideal for a fun-filled treasure hunt. You can find deeply buried valuable metal and treasure that others may have missed. These Sharper Image metal detectors can efficiently differentiate between ferrous metals and valuable non-ferrous metals. Also lightweight and ergonomically designed, so you can hold it without discomfort.

  • Sharper Image TSI-11 Express
      • Quick and easy to tune
      • Waterproof search coil and rod
      • Classic needle readout for O. S. and electronics


  • Sharper Image TSI-22 Feather
      • Lightweight
      • Waterproof search coil and rod
      • OS and electronic within headphones
      • Simple operation on a single 9V battery

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sharper Image
Model Number: TSI-11 (Express 11), TSI-22 (Feather 22)


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